Salt Lake Express is your Salt Lake City airport shuttle.

Your Salt Lake City Airport Shuttle Solution

This is a familiar situation. When you fly into Salt Lake City International Airport, you often have someone who can pick you up. But sometimes, that option isn’t available. You may have flown into Salt Lake, but maybe you need to get somewhere else. Perhaps you’re going back to school in Provo, Logan, Pocatello, or Rexburg. Or you’re visiting family in Spanish Fork or Ogden. Regardless of why you fly in, you’ll always need a ride from the airport. And that is where Salt Lake Express — your Salt Lake City airport shuttle solution — comes in.

Salt Lake Express is a shuttle and charter company that serves over 100 locations throughout Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Arizona. Although we serve plenty of regional airports as well as domestic and international, Salt Lake International is definitely one of the higher demanding stops. The capital of Utah is not only a central hub for our company, but it is a stepping stone and gateway for hundreds of destinations across the West. Our goal is to make this area, as well as your feat of arriving at your destination, smaller.

With numerous other transportation options, here are some reasons why you should make us your Salt Lake City airport shuttle.

Don't pay for parking, use your Salt Lake City airport shuttle.

Don’t pay for parking.

Flying can be both stressful and expensive, so why incur even more stress and cost by driving yourself to the airport? Economy lot parking is $9 per day, which really adds up if you want to make your trip worth the cost of flying. Plus, if you drive yourself, you have to navigate Salt Lake City traffic. It can get pretty bad and drivers can get pretty reckless: believe us, we make the trip multiple times a day!

The bottom line is, instead of paying to park for days between navigating crazy traffic, you could take a shuttle. Relax in our high-back seats, rest your eyes, and let our experienced drivers take care of things. And when you arrive at the airport, Salt Lake Express will drop you off right at the terminal. No waiting for ground transportation, no cramming onto the Green Line. Ours is a Salt Lake City airport shuttle you can rely on.

Salt Lake Express is your Salt Lake City airport shuttle.

Ride in comfort, convenience, and safety.

The result of not worrying about paying for parking or dodging crazy drivers is that elusive state: comfort. And Salt Lake Express does more than just give you a seat: our four different models of buses each feature high-back, reclining seats, spacious leg room, and amenities. The convenience factor plays in here, as select buses include bottled water, and restrooms. We not only want our riders to feel they are taking the easiest way to and from the airport, we also want them to enjoy themselves. Plug in, stay hydrated, stretch those legs, and take it easy when you ride our Salt Lake City airport shuttle.

Above all else, safety is of the utmost importance to us. All other points are moot if we can’t guarantee a safe journey. Our drivers are courteous and friendly but they also are professional, CDL-certified individuals who take their job seriously. Probably the largest common denominator between our goal for your comfort and convenience is safety. When you feel safe, and you will on our buses, you feel comfortable. And there’s no more convenient way to travel than to arrive without incident.

Use coupon codes to ride your Salt Lake City airport shuttle.

Take advantage of readily available coupon codes.

Salt Lake Express appreciates their customers so much that they are more than willing to give out promo codes so you can save money. There are always deals going on on Facebook, Instagram, and the website, but if all else fails, ask. Message the Facebook page or contact customer support and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. Most promo codes are typically good for $5 off at purchase.

Also, remember to subscribe to their email list. After every time you ride, you will get an email within the week thanking you for choosing Salt Lake Express and, you got it, supplying you with a new promo code just for you.

In fact, just for getting this far, we’ll offer you a promo code good for any travel in 2018. Apply code slcairport18 for $5 off.

We are a Salt Lake City airport shuttle that takes you all over.

Although it has been implied many times before now, we figured we’d come right out and say it: we go all over. Maybe you live in southern Utah but flights into Las Vegas were too expensive; fly into Salt Lake and we’ll get you home. We also serve the areas a little closer to home, including seven locations right in Salt Lake in case you just need to get a little closer to home. From destinations all along the Wasatch front to Great Falls to Boise to Las Vegas, we have you covered.

You want your trip — especially those that involve flying — to go smoothly, and so do we. There’s no reason to make things complicated in arriving and departing the airport. Salt Lake Express cuts the fat and allows you to find some enjoyment in travel once again. As you plan your next trip through Salt Lake International, be sure to ride with Salt Lake Express.

Skip the SLC Airport Parking

You just booked your trip and are planning on flying out of Salt Lake City. The hardest part is done. Now you need to figure out where to park, what you are going to pack and list goes on and on. The one main thing you are worried about is the SLC airport parking. Is it worth the cost? Will you have to park far away and take a shuttle? Maybe you have a friend who could take you to the airport but maybe they can’t pick you up on your return trip, the possibilities are endless. That is where we come in and solve the problem.

Cost of SLC Airport Parking

While there are many options when it comes to parking in and around the SLC airport, they can all cost a bit of money. You drive your own car, you leave it in parking and you pay a daily rate. The closer you get to the airport, the higher the cost. You then decide to park at airport parking that still involves a 10 to 15 minute shuttle ride to the airport. This may seem like the best plan but when it comes to simplifying your travel and cutting costs, SLC airport parking might not pay off.

Getting a Ride from Friends or Taxi

Maybe you can find a friend to take you but they might not be able to pick you up on the return trip. Maybe you take a taxi or Uber and pay that high rate for a one-way ride. There are plenty of options to get you to the airport. There are also plenty of options that help you avoid SLC airport parking but none of them solve the problem from start to finish. That is where Salt Lake Express comes in.

Skip the Parking and Take the Express!

Don’t hassle with expensive airport parking and don’t worry about coordinating rides to and from the airport.Our shuttles can take you right to the terminal and drop you off. When you book your trip you can set it up around a time when the SLE shuttle can pick you back up and take you home. The days of SLC airport parking are over. Don’t bug your friends for a ride. Take the express and enjoy stress-free travel today. We have shuttles dropping off and picking up passengers daily at the SLC airport. Book your next trip with us today and see why you will never have to pay for SLC airport parking again. We even offer door to door pick in select cities so make sure to select the best options for your needs when booking your ticket with Salt Lake Express. We also travel to the Las Vegas Airport with our sister company, St. George Express. We now offer routes between Montana and Las Vegas. Book with us today!


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