Nicer, NEWER, Friendlier, Cleaner

Proactive. Not Reactive.

Here at Salt Lake Express, we’ve been keeping things fresh since 1993. We truly believe in being proactive instead of reactive. It’s not enough to just get by, we are always aiming to provide the safest, best, and most comfortable experience for our riders. As you might have guessed by now, our next highlight of our 2022 theme is newer.

Newer Means Safer & Nicer

As we previously stated, we take the proactive approach as opposed to the reactive one. We don’t wait for a bus to deprecate in any way before we replace it. Instead, we regularly update our buses with new models better suited for your safety and comfort. These changes can help make even the longest trips more enjoyable. We’re looking at all you travel warriors who make the trip from Great Falls, MT all the way to Las Vegas, NV!

Did you know that we’re in the top 3% of transportation providers when it comes to vehicle maintenance. We pride ourselves on taking care of our fleet so it can take care of you, our riders. Our responsibility as transportation providers is one we take extremely seriously, and the safety of our customers has always been our top priority. We feel like one of the best ways to ensure rider safety is by making sure our equipment and buses are updated and newer that a lot of the competition.

New You Can Notice

From full buses and vans all the way down to upholstery and tires, we are always making an effort to make everything newer. Our drivers, mechanics, and maintenance staff all take pride in what they do and are regularly reviewed and re-certified. The little things matter here at Salt Lake Express, and we believe you’ll notice.

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Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Health Screenings, & More

How can we help you travel more confidently?

As we enter back into a realm of normalcy, we understand that it’s going to take some time. However, we’re here to help that process along. Our goal here at Salt Lake Express is to earn the trust of our travelers. Even if that takes a little time. In order to improve confidence among our travelers, we’re implementing the following practices on our buses.

Health Screenings

To ensure our riders’ safety on our end, we’re making sure that all of our drivers are taking necessary precautions. They will all receive a basic health screening before their shift. This will help us know if anyone is feeling ill or showing early signs of illness. If a driver is unfit, then a different driver will take their place.

We have and are considering screening our passengers. However, it is a large undertaking so at the current moment we are adhering to social distancing practices. We have scaled back the amount of passengers allowed on a single bus.

Hand Sanitizer

Along with health screenings and the current disinfecting practices employed, we are now offering hand sanitizer. To be direct, we know that it doesn’t matter how often we tell you that we clean our buses if you don’t see it happen with your own eyes. In order to help with this effort, we will provide hand sanitizer on our buses as well as cleaning wipes that you are able to wipe down your area with.

You will find the hand sanitizer near the passenger entry of each bus. This way you are able to use it before touching any surfaces on the bus.

Face Masks

Applying a face mask - step 1

In doing our part to continue to slow the spread, we have been providing masks for all travelers for weeks now. When used in accordance with CDC guidelines, face masks can be effective at helping slow the spread of the virus.

While our drivers and riders employ these safety standards combined with common sense, we believe our buses are a safe transportation option during this time. With the addition of these provided face masks in conjunction with the daily deep cleaning of our vehicles, we are prepared for people to start traveling again.

The CDC recommends wearing face masks in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

Social Distancing

We are able to accommodate social distancing whenever possible. What we mean by this is that it’s really difficult to have a true 6 foot separation on buses. We are social distancing by limiting capacity on our vehicles whenever possible. This will help to make way for better social distancing while riding one of our buses.

In sum, our goal is to continue to do everything in our power to ensure safety while traveling with us. We believe that by taking these measures we can help people begin to feel comfortable when resuming regular travel again.