Rexburg Walmart Shuttle


If you live in Rexburg and are without your own vehicle we are here to help! Our Rexburg Walmart Shuttle is a great transportation option for you. The shuttle currently has 10 pick-up/drop-off locations and you can follow the bus live at this link.

The pick-up and drop-off locations are listed below:

Our site,, gives users the arrival times for each location as well as a live map, showing you where the shuttle is at all times. If you want to be picked up from a certain location, we recommend getting there at least five minutes early. The shuttle may arrive at a location a few minutes early.

Each location has a sign telling you the times the shuttle will come to that specific spot. The shuttle drives around Rexburg all day long. All you have to do is pick the location that’s best for you and be there shortly before the arrival time.

It takes the shuttle about 45 minutes to an hour to make it through all the locations. Be sure to plan out how much time you need to get to Walmart, do your shopping, and make it back to your desired location.

Tips & Tricks

With a 45-minute to 1-hour window to shop before the shuttle arrives again, it would be best if you know what you need beforehand to shop efficiently. However, if you aren’t in a rush, take your time and catch the next shuttle when it arrives. Our friends over at Explore Rexburg wrote a great little article titled How to Shop at Walmart in 45 Minutes if you’re looking for some useful tips.

They also wrote a brief synopsis of their experience taking the Walmart shuttle around town. You can read that article here.

If you’re not busy earlier in the day, we recommend going then. Walmart during the early hours of the morning is much less busy.

Bus Stops

East MC Circle
Aspen Village Apartments
Centre Square Apartments
The Gates Apartments
Camden Apartments
Colonial House Apartments
BYU-Idaho Hart Building
BYU-Idaho Parking Lot (Across from Snow Building)
Rexburg Floral