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Real People. Not Numbers.

Here at Salt Lake Express, we know that our customers are people, not numbers. That’s why we intend to treat you as such. From the top down we strive to instill in our employees one of our core values, friendliness. We believe that everyone’s travel experience can be made or broken by their interactions with those who work for the transportation line. That brings us to our next highlight of our 2022 theme: Friendlier.

Friendlier Means A Better Travel Experience

From the moment you book a trip with Salt Lake Express to moment you step off the bus with your luggage, we want your entire experience to be smooth. There are multiple times when you may interact with a member of our staff. Maybe you have to call in and adjust your reservation. Maybe you need to let us know that you’re bringing along your bicycle. Perhaps the discount code you applied didn’t work. Whatever the reason, a friendly member of our team will be there to help you.

And trust us when we stay that we’ve seen it all from the most disgruntled riders to the most positive stories. We welcome it all with a friendly face. Our customer service reps are trained to always be kind and understanding, especially when it comes to stressful travel situations. Like we said before, our primary goal is for you to arrive safely at your destination, but closely behind that is our hope that you have an enjoyable and comfortable experience with and even friendlier interactions with members of our staff.

It’s Not Just An Idea, But A Core Value

Being friendlier to our riders is part of our core values. We are always making an effort to make everything friendlier. From our drivers to our customer service reps, they all take pride in what they do and are regularly reviewed. We understand that travel isn’t always looked forward to, and if that’s the case, we at least hope we can make your experience as seamless as possible.

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