5 Restaurants in Logan Utah You Should Try

restaurants in Logan Utah

Salt Lake Express makes the journey to Logan, Utah! If you are looking for some places to eat for the weekend look no further! Here are the 5 best restaurants in Logan Utah!

  1. Tandoori Oven

Tandoori Oven has an interesting location inside of a Chevron gas station. This Indian cuisine has created a cult-like following from the near by college kids and community. Enjoy spot-on authentic Indian cuisine like chicken masala or lamb curry. The garlic naan is supposedly the best in Logan! This is just one of our favorite restaurants in Logan Utah.

2. Crumb Brother’s Cafe

Crumb Brothers makes fresh loaves of a variety of bread daily. Oatmeal date, Decker 5-seed and European Rye are firm local favorites. Crumb Brother’s offers a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy your breakfast of lunch. Don’t leave the cafe without trying the Nibley Nibble Panini: with basil pesto, goat’s cheese, fire roasted red bell peppers, balsamic roasted Portobellos, caramelized onion and spinach served on fresh sourdough bread

3. El Sol Mexican Restaurant

El Sol has been cooking popular south-of-the-border dishes for 40 years. This restaurant in Logan Utah is exactly what good Mexican food should be: simple, slow-cooked, and inexpensive! From the very beginning of the meal, the fresh chips and salsa basket is amazing. American classics like chimichangas, chili verde, and beef enchiladas are prepared with consistent quality and taste.

4. Jack’s Wood Fire Oven

The owners at Jack’s Oven are dedicated to good food, good music, and locally-sourced ingredients. Locals love their use of those ingredients on pizzas, like, ‘The Pig and the Peach’, with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, huckleberries, thyme and a chipotle peach syrup. Jack’s pizzas are made to order in a wood-burning oven, and pastas are handmade in-house. This is definitely one of the restaurants in Logan Utah you don’t want to miss!

5. Le Nonne

Tucked away in an unassuming cottage, one block from Main street sits Le Nonne. Considered to be one of the best restaurants in the valley, Le Nonne serves rich Northern Italian authentic dishes in traditional ways. Fresh pastas and gnocchi are paired with house-made sauces, fresh vegetables and Italian cured meats. As an alternative to the quaint interior, an outdoor patio surrounded by trees makes a perfect setting to relax with a steaming plate of Italian goodness.



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