NICER, Newer, Friendlier, Cleaner

Traveling Is About The Experience

We’ve covered newer, friendlier, and cleaner as part of our 2022 theme. That brings us to our final highlight of this year’s theme: Nicer. What does it mean to be nicer? When we discussed our 2022 theme with our team here, we decided that nicer should refer to the overall travel experience. It’s the combination of newer buses, cleaner environments, and friendlier staff. Everything should contribute to an overall nicer travel experience.

Salt Lake Express Is Here To Make Your Experience Nicer

As we’ve said before, from the moment you book a trip with Salt Lake Express to moment you step off the bus with your luggage, we want your entire experience to be great. From the checkout process, whether online or by phone, all the way to arriving safely at your destination, everything should be nicer. Our website should operate smoother. Our staff should be friendly, kind, and helpful. Our buses are newer and well-maintained. Every aspect of your travel experience will be noticeably nicer.

Travel is both exciting and cumbersome. You’re almost always looking forward to getting to your destination but often dread the travel itself. Our goal is to provide our riders with not only a safe and reliable travel experience, but an enjoyable one as well. It means that we stress over every single detail of what can make or break a good trip. And trust us, at Salt Lake Express, you’re in good hands.

To Make It Simple… It’s Simply Better

Creating and fostering a nicer travel experience is in our DNA. It’s what drives us to be better and we’ll never stop trying to improve experiences for our riders. When we say simply better, we mean it. Our goal is to make things both simple and better at the same time. We believe that by doing so allows you to have a more enjoyable and nicer travel experience.

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