• Jared L. is an AWESOME driver. June 12, 2018 my mom and I took the Salt Lake Shuttle to Idaho Falls, Jared was extremely professional, caring, punctual, and thoughtful to his customers and their ride to the next location. My mom and I will consider taking another trip on the shuttle if Jared is our driver!!Jared deserves more stars then 5 !!!! We had 3 other drivers who did not deserve more then 2- put at least we got to where we were going.

    Michelle C.
  • Driver – Dennis Nelson.Gem of Man. Hospitable, Courteous, Compassionate, Ready to go an extra mile & out of the way to assist. Knowledgeable, Informed, Happy, Jolly, have widespread versatile experience of Ross Country terrain. Driving is His passion cum profession. We became Friends forever… 3 Thumbs up & Hats off… God Bless You all… Stay Healthy Happy Jolly. Keep it up all good work.!!!

    Mohd K.
  • I’ve used the Express a few times before but never really thought anything of it until our driver Kenny S. pulled up to our stop. He was so kind and made sure we all got on and even put our luggage in the back in order of our stops. When we stopped, he didn’t have to dig through all the luggage to get the bags out. He also made sure that we were all comfortable in the shuttle. Great person, you are lucky to have him as a driver for your company.

    Marilyn H.
  • Stephanie our driver made a big difference to me! The shuttle bus was full, the luggage trailer was pretty full too. I was the last person to pickup before heading to the airport.Stephanie managed the whole situation in a timely and friendly way. She is the kind of driver we all can have confidence in and like her manner as well. Thank you for starting my trip with a positive experience! Give Stephanie a well-earned raise. Thanks, Robert

    Robert D.
  • Jermaine was so friendly and a fantastic driver! I realized I was waiting at the wrong stop so I rushed to find him (on my own with a baby, 4 bags, and a car seat). It took me awhile to get there and he was still there waiting!! Even though he didn’t have to! After 10 hours of traveling on my own with my 2 year old, my baby and I were exhausted and just wanted to be home. Jermaine was so sweet and made me feel welcome. Great experience!

    Kristin T.
  • Very happy with shuttle service. Used it twice and each ride was exactly on time, driver friendly and safe driver. Reasonable price. They go many places, will use again. Now, Salt Lake Express, pay attention: PLEASE, PLEASE start a route north of Bloise, Idaho to take folks (like me) up to McCall. It’s a happening town and there is no good way to get there right now. Thanks for considering this!

    Holly R.
  • This was my first time taking a bus from the airport to Idaho Falls. It was so easy and comfortable. The waiting spot was easily accessible and close to my airport door. I arrive about 15 minutes early and the bus arrived 10 minutes early. The driver checked our names off the list and loaded our suitcases. The bus was very nice, clean, and comfortable. There are no restrooms aboard, but the driver notified us of the upcoming stops and which ones would be for refueling and restrooms, so that part went really well. I would take the Salt Lake Express again and highly recommend it.

    Laurie B.
  • Business is very people oriented. Staff is nice and very responsive. Our Driver (Charles) took the time to explain any minor details about the trip and the ride was so smooth I fell asleep. Shuttle is quicker than bus and their prices are unbeatable. Shuttles are also equip with WiFi and USB chargers for your convenience.I do have a minor complaint. Stops are not signposted, I wasn’t sure if I was on the right pickup location. I don’t expect a small business to be high tech to tell me the live location of the shuttle but a Stop sign is a must. I’d be very please to see a stop sign on my next ride with you guys.

    Oscar R.
  • A well deserved 5 star review for Bart Clements!Was very helpful to all of his passengers even after he waited extra time for one that didn’t even show up.The ac didn’t work but that’s not Bart’s fault, just because the wheels will turn doesn’t mean the bus is fit for the shuttle. Let’s get these ABCs cold.

    Aaron H.
  • This was my first experience with the express. The website was down so I was a little nervous about just waiting without a ticket. The driver was so helpful. He made sure I got on and even offered us water for the trip to the airport. He had stopped to clean the bus so was a little late but sent his wife to tell us he would be there in 10 min. Excellent service!! Excellent driver. He really cares about his job and the customers. His name was Jermaine. He drove from Logan to salt lake. And by the way the bus was exceptionally clean and comfortable.

    Michelle E.
  • Our trip from St George to Las Vegas was great. The driver knew we were. Close on flight time and new rush hour was on so he routed around the traffic and got us there in time. On the way back our flight arrived earlier than expected and Charles had a couple of seats open so, he put us in and took us with him even though our scheduled travel time should have been an hour plus from his departure. We are so grateful for his and the company’s accommodation and it placed a shining touch on the last of our trip. Thank you very much SL Express and to Charles. PS: Charles is an excellent driver and host!

    Kevin C.
  • Salt lake express is nice! The prices are a little high, but as long as you get the sale fares it’s a decent price. The drivers are so nice! I had a shuttle that I scheduled to drop my off to my destination at 2am. Instead of dropping me off at the bus stop, the driver was so kind and offered to drop me off at the specific place I needed instead! Soooo nice. I recommend them to my family and friends! And you get 2 stops on the shuttle which is awesome for bathroom breaks and to get food/snacks. And in the winter it’s super safe to travel with them.

    Angelica T.
  • I have used this site to make a complaint so it’s only fair to praise the service today. I caught the 8:00 a.m. shuttle at the SLC airport going to Idaho Falls. Our shuttle was early and the driver is the best I’ve even had. He was prompt to help with my baggage, unbelievably friendly and courteous. I ride the shuttle fairly often and this man is truly the very best! I hope SLE gives him the recognition he deserves. I’m so glad to see such improvement in the driving staff! Thanks!

    Bunny K.
  • Great company! Excellent online booking. Helpful customer service. Top notch vehicles. Good drivers. (Tam stands out)

    Douglas A.
  • Salt Lake Express has great prices and an excellent experience. Both times I have booked rides they have been on time and the driver was prompt at all stops and very friendly. It was a great experience and I will always book here for my travels. Also I was the last stop on one of my trips that night and the driver was so kind as to offer to drop me off at my house or nearby if I wasn’t comfortable giving him my address. I declined as I had a ride waiting but really appreciated the offer. The only thing negative I can say is that on a trip my friend booked the bus was an hour late and there were not phone chargers on that bus. The trip was a bit of a mess only because of unforeseen circumstances that the business could not work around on that particular trip but once she let them know of the experience, they credited her the price of her ticket. Some of the best customer service you can find. They are always doing their best to fulfill the needs of their customers. I would recommend this service over any other out there. Plus it’s super affordable. This is a must try.

    Selena N.
  • Salt Lake Express has always been a great experience for a ride from the Vegas airport to St George office, and back. I’ve used them many times from the early morning to late at night both during holiday times and during the summer with no problems. In fact, the drivers usually go out of their way to make sure each of the passengers is comfortable and taken care of no matter where they are going. And the prices are terrific for the ride provided. I would highly recommend them to anyone, young or old, a group or a lone traveler – they are great!

    Sharon R.
  • I take this Bus 3 to maybe as many as 8 times a year for the last 4yrs. They are always spot on. Very courteous. Good conversation if u want to talk. The vehicles have nvr broken down. Never been dirty or stunk. I personally prefer the vehicle that’s a little bigger then the van. But I can’t hold that against S. Ĺ. express. If there aren’t enough passengers. No sense in spending that much more on gas. If I could give more the 5 *’s, I would. I’m grateful for them.

    Brad G.
  • Me And My brother; AJ Mangle and Darwin Mangle were dropped off in the middle of the night in Twin Falls By Grayhound Bus Line on May 14th. This was very early in the morning when Stephanie, with Salt lake express, came to our rescue. She was very pleasant and gave us a ride to Mountain Home witch completed the last leg of our trip. She is a very smooth and safe driver. We would use your service again.

    T N.
  • Hi SLE team! I wanted to take a sec and thank you for the services you provide. I know that things are tough at times and things also happen. I’ve used your service quite a bit since relocating to Mesquite and can understand some of the frustration from the reviews. While there may have been a few issues in the past, many have been outside of your control, #1 traffic, construction!! Arghh! But… I will say that one of your drivers… Ron Eyrns is always consistent. He is very compassionate, helpful and always has a great attitude, no matter what is going on. My hope for SLE is that you will continue to strive for the best service possible for us riders and make necessary adjustments and enhancements to the routes/times, your vehicles and bring on more drivers that show compassion for the riders. Although there have been a few hiccups, I will continue to use your service Another thing I appreciate is your call center agents. They are very helpful and really listen, if there is an issue, they always try to make things right.The price is very fair and the pickup locations are very convenient. Thank you SLE and Ron for your services! KUDOS to you. Keep up the great job!

    Leah G.
  • I ride SLE fairly often, they can sometimes get behind on their schedule. I had Jeff as a driver on the bus from Rigby to Pocatello and he was so kind and explained that when we get to Pocatello that I would be switching buses to go to Boise. Then I had Rod on the way to Boise, it was just us two! It was really nice to talk to him and he let me know when the bathroom breaks were. Really enjoyed the ride!

    Abigail T.
  • I took Salt Lake Express service twice. The first time was almost the end of the year and I was on my way to Jackson Hole from Salt Lake City. It was also my first time in the U.S, so my English skills were not as good as to have an accurate conversation in that language. However, it was not a problem since the driver of the company did his best to understand what I tried to say and made me feel confident and comfortable. I’m so thankful the company gave me a warm welcome 🙂

    Rodrigo M.
  • Great customer service, always feel safe with the drivers, always timely, and their price is almost always cheaper than the other shuttle in town. This company has saved me a few times after “the other company” in town left me at the airport. I can always rely on you guys. Either I ride with you guys to Vegas once a month or I’m booking a family member a ride with you. Thank you for being great!

    Caylyn K.
  • Outstanding service and accommodations! I had recently been diagnosed with issues with my hip and it was necessary for me to keep my leg stretched out in front of me and use a lumbar support. Was able to take the entire back seat, sitting sideways, and nobody even yelled at me! The driver was super courteous too and didn’t leave the person who had gotten off the bus when we were told to stay on board. What could be better? Loved it so much I’m tempted to apply to be a driver.

    Jannette L.
  • Everyone is very polite and helpful. Very accomodating. I have taken the shuttle in the worst of winter road conditions. Arriving safely and quite on time. The only time I have seen any garbage on the floor is when they are in the middle of a run and the adults that brought the garbage on the shuttle weren’t adult enough to throw it away.

    Kathy S.
  • Salt Lake Express is such an incredible service. I am in a long distance relationship and I travel up to Logan frequently and the express makes that much easier. Every ride has been pleasant and easygoing. The drivers are always polite and accommodating. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is without a car and needs to get someplace for quite cheap.

    Wesley S.
  • I’ve ridden the Salt Lake Express several times to get to a flight in Salt Lake City. I live several hours away, and I’ve found that the shuttle gets me there in fairly decent time when compared to driving my own vehicle. There have been times when it gets a little cramped, often around holidays, but that’s to be expected. The shuttle drivers have been professional and speedy at getting problems resolved, such as flat tires, heat/cooling issues, etc. I also love the discounted rates offered periodically throughout the day, and have been able to match my traveling times to the discounted times during several trips I’ve taken. Overall, it’s a great convenience for those of us who don’t want to worry about parking at the airport, driving on snowy roads, etc. Thanks Salt Lake Express!

    Aimee M.
  • I really detest driving. Mostly because I get drowsey. So I bring food to munch on while I sit doing nothing for 3 hours. When I get to where I’m going my car is full of crumbs, I’m lost, 3 hours from home and I still have to park the car and walk a mile. By the time I get to my destination paying for gas and parking I’m a wreck, disheveled and exhausted. It cost me $50 in gas, I gained 2 pounds munching junk and I swear not to do it again. Now I take Salt Lake Express.. They’re always on time, a friendly driver and I sleep all the way knowing the driver knows where I’m going and will wake me when we get there.. refreshed and ready for a new adventure. Thanks Salt Lake Express.

    Lynda E.
  • Salt Lake Express is a miracle worker!!! Because of Salt Lake Express, my dreams have come true. My boyfriend lives in Salt Lake City and his car recently broke and is being fixed in a car shop. Because of this, I wasn’t going to be able to see my boyfriend, since I don’t have a car. That’s when I discovered the Salt Lake Express! This shuttle has made the impossible possible and I’m so grateful! It’s a pleasant bus ride and all for a cheap price. I even got a discount code to save extra!!! Plus, the seats are pretty comfortable considering. Way better than an airplane ride! I am proud to say that I’m now engaged!! Thanks Salt Lake Express for helping out my relationship without even realizing it 🙂 You da best!

    Shay C.
  • I used the salt lake express to get to BYUI, and it was a very pleasant experience. My bus driver was so so kind and was also funny! He didn’t take too long at the rest stops and we actually got there early, not late. Within the company, customer service is REALLY good. I was able to change my departure date the day before and that was really helpful. One and only thing I will recommend is that the bus stops are more descriptive. My stop was “The Corner of North and West Temple”. Well there’s four corners, so it would be best to say “to the west of the conference center on west temple.” Which is what the customer service rep told me. He even called the bus driver to let him know I might be running late (which I wasn’t in the end but still, that’s why I’m giving 5 stars).

    Natalie W.
  • Riding the Salt Lake Express shuttle was a good experience. I had to get from Rexburg to SLC, UT and it was sort of a last-second journey. I was supposed to go down the next day, so I had to call to change my travel itinerary. When I called, the customer support was super friendly and easy to work with. I quickly got my ticket changed to another time at the same price, so I had no additional fees for changing departure dates and times. When I got on the shuttle, the Wifi was in and out the entire ride down to Utah. But I had data so I was still able to do some work on the way down. We made a few quick stops, but nothing that took forever long. Most of the seats were full, but there was still enough room to be comfortable. I would take the shuttle again.

    Molly F.
  • I road the salt lake express a few weeks ago to the airport in slc. They were on time, friendly and easy to use. They even had charging ports for my phone which was awesome. They picked me up after my trip and had me back to my home on schedule. It was nice to not have to worry about parking at the airport or figuring out how to get there. Great experience.

    Hannah T.
  • I have been traveling with the Salt Lake Express for the last 7 or 8 years. I travel between Ogden Utah and Rexburg Idaho. The company is very accommodating to my schedule. I have had to changes dates or times at the last minute with no hassle. I hate traveling during winter months in the snow. Salt Lake Express makes it so much easier during those months. I love the new buses. 5 stars is a easy post.

    Laurie S.
  • I like taking this shuttle to the Salt Lake airport. It’s comfortable and affordable. The drivers have all been friendly and they’re always on time. I’ve never had a driver arrive late and I’ve never gotten to the airport late. They’ve been really flexible when I’ve had to change my shuttle time and refunds have been issued painlessly as well. I also use this shuttle to bring my mom from Utah to Idaho to visit and it’s way cheaper than flying.

    Dacia A.
  • Lost bag – no problem – I frequently use Salt Lake Express to ride from their airport to Pocatello. THEY ARE ALWAYS ON-TIME! AND ALWAYS COMFORTABLE! I usually catch one of the late buses, so it is nice to be able to sleep for the drive. One time, another passenger accidentally took my bag instead of his. the SLE driver quickly made calls and had everything sorted out. Within 10 minutes I had my bag again. Rather than drive it myself or even take a flight, SLE is my choice to get from Pocatello to the Salt Lake airport.

    Joshua S.
  • I fly to and from school in Idaho, so I use the Salt Lake express quite a bit to reach the airport. The shuttle is extremely reliable, I have never had one arrive late and I’ve always been on time for my flights. They wait and make sure every passenger is there and have good deals on trips for the length of travel. They’re easy to book and the drivers are friendly and help with luggage. Highly recommended!!!!

    Madison G.
  • August 20, 2016 we had a very delightful journey from LAS to Zion Park.The Shuttle departed and arrived exactly as advertised. Our return from Zion was the same. We found this service to avoid our renting a car and more importantly the opportunity to View the landscape/surroundings rather than “”Eyes On The Road””…Our Drivers were obviously experienced Pros and while they watched the Road, we enjoyed the drive.Thanks To ALL.

    Wilma K.
  • This is Diana Wyler. My parents come visit me a couple of times a year from Mexico and they absolutely love Salt Lake Express! They’ve had great experiences every time they come visit! Sure glad to have your service! Thanks for your wonderful business! My family and I appreciates it! and I recommend this shuttle services 100%!!!!!!! Diana Wyler

    Daniel W.
  • Love Salt Lake Express!! Been using this reliable transportation to and from Salt Lake Airport for years. In fact, family uses them when they fly in and out of Salt Lake. Clean, comfortable, and very friendly helpful drivers. Just get on the bus and relax for 2.5 hours and you are transported to the airport terminal. No stress of driving, parking, and getting to the terminal. Coming back I get a snack and relax on the way home. Cannot beat the schedule, comfort, and help! Thanks!!!

    Bernadette B.
  • We have used Salt Lake Express for several years. After daughter and her family moved to Idaho, we began using the service several times each year to send our grandchildren to visit us. They are teenagers. We appreciate the kindness and caring of the operators. From making reservations to the trip home, the employees are always kind and helpful. I wouldn’t be able to have as must trust in any other mode of travel. Thank you for all the wonderful years of service!

    S M.
  • I’ve ridden on Salt Lake Express a few different times and loved it every time. All the drivers are very experienced and drive appropriately. I feel safe, and it’s about the same cost as the gas to get where I’m going. Currently my husband lives in Rexburg, and I live in Utah for student teaching, and it’s wonderful to be able to see him, all thanks to Salt Lake Express!I love how they stay on time and don’t wait around for those who are running late. It’s so wonderful to have a bus system in this portion of the west!

    Emma M.
  • I took a trip to Boise from Salt Lake Express and the seats were very comfortable and the driver was very nice and courteous courteous he stopped when we needed to go to the restroom and he drove very nicely and I got a lot of sleep since I had to leave at 2 o’clock in the morning I love Salt Lake Express matter fact I’m going to be using them on July 7th.

    Rhonda H.
  • I took the Salt Lake Express from Logan to Salt Lake Airport before Christmas. The driver was great and since I was somewhat disabled was allowed to sit near the front. He was very careful on the road and showed compassion to my seatmate and myself in helping us on and off the bus.I have taken the express before and because of the driver’s concern with comfort and safety, I will continue to ride with them whenever I go to the airport.

    M M.
  • I have ridden Salt Lake Express multiple times throughout the years and they have never ceased to impress me! The first time riding, my situation forced me into it, and I was not at all excited for what I thought would be an unfriendly, uncomfortable, untimely ride. But boy, was I wrong! Each bus driver has been nothing but kind, helpful and courteous. Each ride has been comfortable, even with a full-house. And, just as impressively, each shuttle has been right on time picking up and dropping off. I whole-heartedly recommend Salt Lake Express and their friendly, comfortable, timely services!

    Kathryn R.
  • I have used Salt Lake Express on many occasions! I have traveled to Salt Lake to catch a flight, visit my son in Twin Falls, and travel from Boise. What a lovely and cost effective experience. I am being chauffeured by very capable and friendly drivers. How nice to be in good hands and have the ability to read en route! I highly recommend using Salt Lake Express!!

    Dani A.
  • I love using the Salt Lake Express when I have flights in and out of SLC early in the morning or late at night because I don’t like driving in the dark. It’s also great in the winter when roads are icy. It is so convenient to be able to leave my car while I am gone and have it right there when I get back. And the price is very reasonable for one person, about the price of gas. Thanks!

    Kim P.
  • I have been taking Salt Lake Express since the began service to Pocatello many years ago. They have continually increased their geographic coverage and scheduling offerings since then. I feel that they have made air travel affordable for those of us who do not live in major air transportation hubs who have experienced decreasing air service to smaller communities over the decades since deregulation of air travel in the US. I can book flights and be sure that I can get to the airport without the hassle of driving my own car. They also are very accommodating when flights are delayed and the dispatcher will call your cell phone and will wait for you if you are running through the airport!

    Evelyn H.
  • I am happy to report my positive experiences with Salt Lake Express. Scheduling my shuttle with them is now a routine part of my vacation and business travel. Using their services relieves so much stress, and we all know how stressful traveling can be (getting to airport on time, going through security, catching plane, etc.). I would highly recommend SLE to anyone. The fees associated are about a wash compared to if you drove yourself and had to pay for fuel as well as airport parking. Getting dropped off at the curb is such a perk!

    Tia A.
  • Salt Lake Express is an outstanding company. I ride with them many times a year, next week even, assuming my plans hold, and have never had a bad experience; to the contrary some of their drivers have gone out of their way to make the ride even better.I would, and do, recommend them to anyone looking to get around Utah cheaply and efficiently.

    Chek P.
  • The van was already waiting as soon as I walked out of baggage claim at LAS. Very clean and comfortable van, cooler with bottles of ice water, free wi-fi, very safe and conscientious driver (Larry), very prompt. The first 10 to 15 minutes or so Larry pointed out interesting landmarks and trivia, which was interesting, then we settled quietly into the long drive to St. George. I paid extra for door-to-door service, which was great. This was my 5th or 6th trip with this company, and I have always been very satisfied. Tomorrow I am taking them back from St. George to LAS and expect an equally good experience.

    Lorrie W.
  • Salt Lake Express has been my only way of transportation for about almost 4 years now…actually I lied. There was one time I took a ride with this random girl and I am safe to say that I was on the edge of my seat every minute I was in her car (she was a texted..during a storm..yeah scaarrrry!) Anyways, you should buy a ticket with them because 1) the drivers always take their precautions, they are really safe drivers and know how to drive in winter conditions 2) The managers and people that work here are so nice. You kind of just want to buy a ticket so you can talk to them. 3) You can trust them. 4) They know how to smile and be happy on the job. Drivers are always polite and want the best for you. 5) Its a service worth your money so don’t hesitate on buying your ticket!!

    Pam T.
  • I have made the trip from Utah to and from Idaho loads of time whether by my own car or through salt lake express and I like it best when I can comfortably drive there and back and not worry about wear and tear on my car. Salt Lake express is the way to go. It’s affordable and gets me where I need to be without draining me of all my energy.

    Andrew H.
  • The Salt Lake Express is very efficient and a great way to travel. I used this service when I returned back to school. I needed a ride from the airport and Salt Lake Express more than qualified. It was a quick drive from Idaho Falls to Rexburg, and the driver was very friendly. He helped me with my bags and it was very great service. I will definitely be using this service again.

    Danielle N.
  • I have been using Salt Lake Express to travel between Logan and Salt Lake City since 2009. I have never done road travel by any other carrier and experienced anything as good as I do when I travel with Salt Lake Express, not even with a personal vehicle. So do you want comfort, promptness, worth for your money and friendly and helpful drivers when you travel? Look no further than Salt Lake Express. For me and mine, it is Salt Lake Express all the way.

    Christian D.
  • I had to travel cross country for work in the middle of December. Living in Utah you would think I would be ok driving in snow and ice…wrong! I made the decision to take the Salt Lake Express to the airport and it was the best decision I could have made. I was welcomed by a friendly driver into a warm bus. They were on time picking me up as well as arriving at the airport even with less than desirable weather conditions! Taking the shuttle to the airport made my trip an easy one and for that I wanted to say THANK YOU!!

    Amy J.
  • My daughter traveled from Indianapolis Indiana to Idaho Falls to visit for the first in four years. She’s had a lot if problems that provented her from being around her family. She started out on greyhound and transfered to salt lake express for her last leg of her trip. Your driver was super helpful getting her her. On her return trip she al as o left on Salt lake express again wonderful driver. Youve made my summer terrific thank youTeresa Aerts

    Teresa A.
  • This is my first bus I took when I arrived in United States in Salt Lake city last year and I will really say the truth, the bus driver was really helpful to me because I had alot of boxes with as an International student from Nigeria, he really helped me to get to Pocatello and when I got here I know no one but he directed me to an African he knows in the city. Since then I prefer using the bus to travel then flying from Pocatello to SLC. Salt Lake Express is the best I can recommend for my friends coming then driving all the way down to the airport. It is always fun and I sleep alot when driving because the bus drivers are always safe to carry it’s passengers. I also had a good experience, the bus left me in the morning by 3:55am and I have to call in and the customer service was so nice to help me out with a new bus to drive down to the airport. Love u staff representative, Drivers drive safe, the bus is always free and comfortable. Good Job guys.

    Freeman S.
  • The Salt Lake Express is an invaluable resource for not only BYU-Idaho students but anyone traveling around Idaho and Utah. My husband and I have been using the Salt Lake Express before we even met. We used it to visit my parents while at school and now we use it to visit them after we’re graduated. We also use it to save on flights. It’s cheaper to get a shuttle to SLC and fly from there than to fly from Idaho Falls.Thanks, Salt Lake Express. We can always count on you to give us comfortable and affordable transportation.

    Clarissa D.
  • I have frequently used Salt Lake Express to travel between Boise and Pocatello. Tickets are VERY reasonableypriced for me and my small dog. Drivers and telephone customer service people are always very friendly and helpful. Best of all, the trip takes no longer than it would to drive my own car. I have an all around great experience with Salt Lake Express every time!

    J. T.
  • I have been traveling between SLC and Idaho Falls using SLC express for the last one and a half years. My experience with them has been very good. They are always on time even under severe weather conditions. The frequency of buses available is also very good. I would recommend my friends to use this facility and I hope this service continues since the flight connections are poor in and around Idaho Falls.

    Pritam C.
  • I have used SLE many times to get to the airport from Cache Valley for business and personal trips. I use it for any visiting guests as well (saves me a 3 hour round trip drive to SLC). The rates are affordable and they have 4 pick up options for Cache Valley (USU, Comfort Inn, Smiths or your house). They are courteous and on time.

    Shannon S.
  • I live in Boise and my son’s live in Blackfoot with their mother. I am getting married this Saturday, and my car recently had the misfortune of suffering a blown head gasket. I was left with no way to go pick up my children for my wedding.I found that Salt Lake Express picks up in Blackfoot and comes to Boise. Wedding saved for me because I booked tickets for my son’s on the bus so they can be there for me. Thank you Salt Lake Express.

    Johnnymoinidaho J.
  • In rain, snow or sunshine, the SLE is there,, just like the postman,,, you can always count on them to get you where you need to be , which in my case is with my family, and since the airline service to Twin Falls Idaho has gone backwards in the past 40 years I would not be able to go home without SLE! Thank you SLE! Keep on Truckin!( we used to say that back in the 70’s!!!) smile

    Steven W.
  • Because I am on the road 160-180 days a year flying out of SLC, I’ve used SLE over 100 times since 2007 and I love it. It takes a lot of stress out of my travel to not need to worry about driving to SLC (Instead I can read a book or watch my favorite movie on the shuttle), or paying to park at airport, fuel, or general wear and tear on my car. The drivers are friendly and professional, prices are amazingly reasonable and have even dropped for many of the routes I take. Last week, It cost me nearly as much to take a taxi from a downtown SLC hotel to the airport (15 minutes) as I payed to travel 3 hours from Idaho on SLE.

    Thomas S.
  • Charles was our driver and he was AWESOME! I liked how he paid attention to detail, like seating us according to when we would be dropped off so no one had to crawl over anyone. Charles made sure we were comfortable and gave us all water before taking off. The driving conditions were not favorable, it was windy and raining, however, Charles handled the road like a boss! I felt safe. I cannot say enough about my first experience except to say I will use St George Express again in the future.

    Dr. D.
  • Showed up at the pickup location 30 min early. The van was waiting with open doors. The drive was very helpful to accommodate everyone on board. Unfortunately not everyone scheduled to be on the shuttle made it on board. We did make an attempt to accommodate them as we did wait an extra 6 minutes.(I was very ambitious to get out of there). Phone calls were made to see if they were close and no answer. The driver had a safety first approach to the passenger as he drove at least me to my destination. Thanks Charles

    Jake G.
  • I have used St George Express several times between Saint George and the Las Vegas airport. They have been on-time with departures, had a clean vehicle, with safe and courteous drivers. The woman in the St George office was warm, friendly, and helpful. The online schedules are posted and easy to book. Once, while boarding at the Las Vegas airport, I found I had accidentally created two bookings, and they refunded my payment on the duplicate booking. The pricing is great and I have had only good experiences with this company.

    Carol H.
  • Charles was a safe driver and a kind rep for your company. Great service. Keep up the great work.Had a different driver on our return trip. Joey was also a very safe driver and made sure the shuttle did not leave without us. Really appreciated this professionalism and he was also kind and friendly. 5 star all the way… would ride with either driver again.Need to add one more person… Lorie who seems to always be there overnite has always been friendly and always offers us water and goodies. Those late nite layovers don’t seem so long when you have a quality employee as her… Yes another 5 star review!

    Robert J.
  • The shuttle service here is really great. I take a shuttle from Orem to st George every weekend and I go on the St. George / Salt Lake Express every time. The drivers are very kind and courteous. They have water on board always. ,They are mostly on time, unless the weather is bad or something else. It takes a little longer to get to the destination versus driving your own car, but the price to drive the shuttle is about the same as gas.

    Nameisnel N.
  • Great affordable way to shuttle down to McCarran airport and back. The price is right, and they offer free WiFi during the trip. Make sure you plan accordingly as the shuttle only runs every couple of hours, and you don’t want to be stuck at the airport because you had to wait for one of the slowest airport baggage systems in the country.

    Kristofer W.
  • My flight arrived a little early in Vegas and when I walked out to the shuttle waiting area I was surprised to see the shuttle had arrived early. The shuttle was very clean, had USB ports to charge my phone and WiFi. The inside of the shuttle smelt clean and the driver was really nice. We made good time back to St George and the door to door was WAY cheaper then Uber! Definitely will ride again!

    Nate N.
  • Always on time, well priced, smooth ride, with complimentary WiFi, and usually charging docks for my device. These guys are great and I’ve never had a bad driver…although Joe is my favorite! LOL Great company with great service….I will continue to use them when I travel. (Nice that they stop in two different locations in Mesquite as well!!)

    Steve L.
  • When we need to take a shuttle between St. George and Las Vegas airport, we now prefer St. George Express. The prices are much better, they have individual seats rather than bench seats, free Wi-Fi, good air conditioning, and great drivers. Yesterday, our driver was Joe. It was very windy, but he did a great job keeping the top heavy van under control. He was also very prompt and friendly.

    Tronman S.
  • I take the St. Express regularly when needing to travel back and forth when visiting family. They are WONDERFUL but this review is about Ryan that works in the office. I was not able to catch the shuttle at my scheduled time due to problems and he was so wonderful in switching my time and giving my same rate. So very pleasant and helpful in the phone. I once was a regular on the St George shuttle but they lost the customer service side of it when they got bigger. I HIGHLY recommend St George Express, they are very accommodating and care about their customer! Don the driver was awesome too!!

    Dre M.
  • So convenient. The price is very reasonable and the staff are great! I always use St George Express!One year I was flying home from Missouri after Christmas. My flight was delayed in Missouri and I knew I would miss the shuttle that I was scheduled to take back up to St George from Las Vegas. I called their office and told them the dilemma. They put me on the later “more expensive” shuttle at no extra charge. They’ve always been great to work! I love St George Express!

    Christy L.
  • Vinnie Thompson is the best driver ever. I’ve been riding the Saint George Express for years and vinnie is definitely the best driver I’ve ever gotten. Hes the fastest, and super efficient. He keeps the conversations interesting. You can tell that he loves his family and that he is dedicated to his job. He always makes the trip seem way faster than it is. 10/10 for vinnie.

    Yohanna A.
  • Dear St George Express The staff are so polite and go the extra mile I am 82 yrs young and as I was boarding. In Law Vegas after the best Mothers Day I ever had, I realized I had no water with me. The driver pointed out closest place to buy water. My son sprinted over and the bus driver kindly waited until he returned to give me water. Pretty caring people in my book.Sincerely Maureen O’Connell

    Maureen O.
  • The driver that drove us from St. George office to the Las Vegas airport was very confident and calm even though he had to stop the van for some kind of safety issue or something. I felt worried a moment, but we could tell the driver was competent and he drove smooth and safe after that. So I felt better. We got to the airport on time. The driver was so nice and carried all of our luggage off the van. I am very grateful to him.

    Hiroko S.
  • St. George Express was great wonderful to work with! I booked a trip to Murray, rescheduled it, then cancelled it. The staff was very pleasant to work with! I had taken the shuttle back from Murray 3 days prior and the driver was very nice and on time! Not to mention the prices beat everyone in town. I will continue to use St. George Express for ALL of my future shuttling needs!! Thank you!

    Jeremy Z.
  • I was on a full Salt Lake Express van going from Logan to the airport in Salt Lake in December 2011 during the famous winds. The driver was so composed and competent that all the riders felt sure we would be safe. The wind was really blowing the van all over the place so the driver pulled under the nearest underpass near Farmington and went to the side of the freeway and stopped. We were there for a long time while the van was tipping side to side. It was very scary but the driver kept us calm making sure everyone had their seat belts on. He was awesome!! A few of the other passengers were extremely nervous understandably but the driver never lost his cool!! Even when one passenger suddenly announced she had to go to the bathroom NOW! He handed her a little trash can and she did her business. We were under the underpass so long we all missed our flights but Salt Lake Express sent another van that wasn’t so high sided and we all had to climb out over the seats and out the back of the van to get into the other van. We couldn’t open the doors because they could have blown right off the van!! We couldn’t praise or thank our driver enough!!! We all missed our flights of course, but still managed to get where we were going luckily. I’ve used Salt Lake Express many times and always had very good drivers but this driver proved himself to the extreme!!!!!! I will always use Salk Lake Express whenever the need arises!!!! For Sure!!!

    Susan J.
  • I take a lot of shuttles to and from st George. This is my personal favorite shuttle service in town, mostly because their waiting area has always been open when I’ve been dropped off or picked up. This isn’t the case with some of the other shuttle services I’ve been on. On top of that, unlike other shuttle stations, they have free coffee/hot chocolate/fruit/cookies. I FKN LOVE FREE FOOD

    Nah M.
  • Our experience with St. George Express was fantastic. Our driver, Larry, was very nice and helped us put our things in the back before we got on our way. Larry offered us water bottles and was very friendly throughout the entire trip. He was a skilled driver and kept us updated on the ETA and driving conditions. My family will definitely be traveling with St. George Express the next time we fly out of Vegas. I hope all of the drivers are as nice as Larry!

    Michael S.
  • Priced two local competitors and found St George Express to not only kick their butts on price but the 14 shuttles a day to McCarren/Vegas air port from St George/ Mesquite made it a total no brainer! Great service, comfortable ride with friendly and helpful drivers. Highly recommend St George Express to anyone who needs a lift to the air port or anywhere they service.

    Scott D.
  • Yesterday my sons and I rode in your super clean, nice and cool, free WiFi shuttle from Vegas with our driver, Thomas. Just thought you should know he’s doing a great job! Very courteous and came to find us when we hadn’t noticed him pull up. After many years (10) of shuttle experiences, this has been our best. Thank you! Also, the receptionists that I’ve talked to on the phone to help me coordinate shuttle reservations have been extremely helpful. Oh, and great fares! All around I’m very pleased.

    Cathryn J.
  • Oh my goodness! My trip from st George to Idaho Falls was like a dream… quite literally I slept the whole time! The driver was courteous enough to miss any and all pot holes to provide a smooth ride. Wifi they have it! For when I needed to update my insta! Seriously what would my followers have done with out seeing my lunch choice of the day and a pic of me snoozin away. Way to be st George express! Way to be!

    Shae’Le A.
  • Reserved service from Las Vegas to St. George. Very nice, upscale vehicles. Clean and comfy. Driver (Craig) was very friendly and professional. The ride was non-eventful, which is a really good thing! Got to St. George on time, refreshed and ready to go! Will be utilizing your services in about 3 weeks. Actually looking forward to it, which I’ve never said before about a shuttle service. Keep up the good work!

    Lupe H.
  • My Niece traveled from Seattle to visit me and caught the shuttle from Las Vegas to St George. Buzz was her driver and she told me how nice he was and pointed out interesting places along the way. I felt very comfortable and I knew she was in good hands. The vans are beautiful! First class everything! Thanks Buzz for taking care of my baby girl!

    Dawn M.
  • I have never had a poor experience with this company! The drivers are always so friendly and helpful. They advise me of fun facts about things like the gorge on the way to Las Vegas as well as the history behind St. George. The drivers are always safe, offer me water after a long flight, and keep the trips interesting. Not to mention, you can’t beat their prices!!

    Lisa P.
  • Our driver Thomas was very friendly and answered our questions about the area(s). We got caught in Las Vegas rush hour… which did take us an hour to get out of… there were two accidents. Thomas did an awesome job of maneuvering the Van and Trailer through. There were also winds that blew the Van/Trailer, but again Thomas handled everything well. His military vehicle experience was appreciated. Thanks Thomas!Van was clean, WiFi worked most of the time, and having charging ports for each seat row a plus.We will be using St George Express again upon return and on our next visit to St George, UT.

    Bob Y.
  • After my last trip with another local shuttle company, I swore off taking a shuttle ever again!! Circumstances came up that made it the only option and I hesitantly booked with St. George Express. What an AWESOME experience!! Simple booking, better pricing, friendly & helpful drivers (Larry was mine), and the Van?? Clean, separate bucket- partial reclining seats for everyone – not stuck on benches. Individual vents, USB / charging plugs, complimentary cold water, extra high ceiling (I could stand all the way up – I’m short though), free Wifi – I could go on and on. Truly a pleasure and would recommend them to anyone and book with them any chance I get!

    Kelli E.
  • I have been using shuttles and on occasion my own car to drive to and from Las Vegas from St. George, Utah for the past several years. I want SGE to know that your service is superior to your local competition and even charges a more reasonable rate I am very pleased with my experience and am happy that I am no longer putting money into Steven Wade’s Used Car Salesman’s purse. Your driver, Matt was knowledgeable, helpful and very kind to all of us who traveled with him and explained all of the amenities on the van which added to his professionalism. Thank you for coming to SG..

    Jinks D.
  • (Translated by Google) Reliable, safe and practical(Original)Confiable, seguro y práctico

    Ricardo R.
  • The Driver had a technical issue on the original shuttle and therefore was 38 min late in picking us up from the Dixie University location. We scheduled to arrive at least 2 hrs. before takeoff at LAS but unfortunately we did miss our flight. The shuttle service has been very helpful helping resolve and accommodate us. I spoke with the manager “Gideon” and he was very helpful and cared about our family and our wellbeing. I would give yourself more time than the recommend 2hrs (min 3 hrs. before takeoff) in case of unforeseen issue with the shuttle. Although I had originally given them a 1 star review I feel that they deserve a 5 star because it was a problem that was out of their control and they took full ownership of it.

    Rebeca B.
  • Price is a little high but travel is always safeUpdate: I have traveled several times for business using Salt Lake Express and the quality of travel has increased 10 fold all while the prices coming down! This company truly invests in its customers with lowered prices and raised quality of travel and destinations. They go all the way to Vegas now! I am really impressed with their quality of drivers and routes. I think they could do a little better job hitting arrival times in the SLC loop, but all in all it’s a great company to ride with!

    Matt W.
  • Consistent service for a reasonable amount of money. My only complaints have been that in the 8 trips I have rode with them, there were 2 times the driver was absent from work and they had to send a backup driver. The buses also vary, so keep in mind you won’t always get a large bus! David has been a driver for me twice during my trips from SLC airport to Rexburg, and he’s been an awesome one.

    Alex B.
  • This review is for customer relations, not the shuttle. I still stand by my previous review of my one star experience. I do give customer relations 5 stars because they contacted me within a week to apologize and try to remedy the problems I experienced on their shuttle. I appreciate that they read these reviews and try to solve issues that arise with their service. It makes me more willing to give them another try.

    Riverwoods W.

    Dorothy H.