Susan J.

I was on a full Salt Lake Express van going from Logan to the airport in Salt Lake in December 2011 during the famous winds. The driver was so composed and competent that all the riders felt sure we would be safe. The wind was really blowing the van all over the place so the driver pulled under the nearest underpass near Farmington and went to the side of the freeway and stopped. We were there for a long time while the van was tipping side to side. It was very scary but the driver kept us calm making sure everyone had their seat belts on. He was awesome!! A few of the other passengers were extremely nervous understandably but the driver never lost his cool!! Even when one passenger suddenly announced she had to go to the bathroom NOW! He handed her a little trash can and she did her business. We were under the underpass so long we all missed our flights but Salt Lake Express sent another van that wasn’t so high sided and we all had to climb out over the seats and out the back of the van to get into the other van. We couldn’t open the doors because they could have blown right off the van!! We couldn’t praise or thank our driver enough!!! We all missed our flights of course, but still managed to get where we were going luckily. I’ve used Salt Lake Express many times and always had very good drivers but this driver proved himself to the extreme!!!!!! I will always use Salk Lake Express whenever the need arises!!!! For Sure!!!

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