Freeman S.

This is my first bus I took when I arrived in United States in Salt Lake city last year and I will really say the truth, the bus driver was really helpful to me because I had alot of boxes with as an International student from Nigeria, he really helped me to get to Pocatello and when I got here I know no one but he directed me to an African he knows in the city. Since then I prefer using the bus to travel then flying from Pocatello to SLC. Salt Lake Express is the best I can recommend for my friends coming then driving all the way down to the airport. It is always fun and I sleep alot when driving because the bus drivers are always safe to carry it’s passengers. I also had a good experience, the bus left me in the morning by 3:55am and I have to call in and the customer service was so nice to help me out with a new bus to drive down to the airport. Love u staff representative, Drivers drive safe, the bus is always free and comfortable. Good Job guys.

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