Pam T.

Salt Lake Express has been my only way of transportation for about almost 4 years now…actually I lied. There was one time I took a ride with this random girl and I am safe to say that I was on the edge of my seat every minute I was in her car (she was a texted..during a storm..yeah scaarrrry!) Anyways, you should buy a ticket with them because 1) the drivers always take their precautions, they are really safe drivers and know how to drive in winter conditions 2) The managers and people that work here are so nice. You kind of just want to buy a ticket so you can talk to them. 3) You can trust them. 4) They know how to smile and be happy on the job. Drivers are always polite and want the best for you. 5) Its a service worth your money so don’t hesitate on buying your ticket!!

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