Leah G.

Hi SLE team! I wanted to take a sec and thank you for the services you provide. I know that things are tough at times and things also happen. I’ve used your service quite a bit since relocating to Mesquite and can understand some of the frustration from the reviews. While there may have been a few issues in the past, many have been outside of your control, #1 traffic, construction!! Arghh! But… I will say that one of your drivers… Ron Eyrns is always consistent. He is very compassionate, helpful and always has a great attitude, no matter what is going on. My hope for SLE is that you will continue to strive for the best service possible for us riders and make necessary adjustments and enhancements to the routes/times, your vehicles and bring on more drivers that show compassion for the riders. Although there have been a few hiccups, I will continue to use your service Another thing I appreciate is your call center agents. They are very helpful and really listen, if there is an issue, they always try to make things right.The price is very fair and the pickup locations are very convenient. Thank you SLE and Ron for your services! KUDOS to you. Keep up the great job!

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