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Proactive. Not Reactive.

Here at Salt Lake Express, we’ve been keeping things fresh since 1993. We truly believe in being proactive instead of reactive. It’s not enough to just get by, we are always aiming to provide the safest, best, and most comfortable experience for our riders. As you might have guessed by now, our next highlight of our 2022 theme is newer.

Newer Means Safer & Nicer

As we previously stated, we take the proactive approach as opposed to the reactive one. We don’t wait for a bus to deprecate in any way before we replace it. Instead, we regularly update our buses with new models better suited for your safety and comfort. These changes can help make even the longest trips more enjoyable. We’re looking at all you travel warriors who make the trip from Great Falls, MT all the way to Las Vegas, NV!

Did you know that we’re in the top 3% of transportation providers when it comes to vehicle maintenance. We pride ourselves on taking care of our fleet so it can take care of you, our riders. Our responsibility as transportation providers is one we take extremely seriously, and the safety of our customers has always been our top priority. We feel like one of the best ways to ensure rider safety is by making sure our equipment and buses are updated and newer that a lot of the competition.

New You Can Notice

From full buses and vans all the way down to upholstery and tires, we are always making an effort to make everything newer. Our drivers, mechanics, and maintenance staff all take pride in what they do and are regularly reviewed and re-certified. The little things matter here at Salt Lake Express, and we believe you’ll notice.

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