Along Our Route: The Clown Motel – America’s Scariest Motel

Clowns. Motel. The Nevada desert. What could go wrong?

TONOPAH, NEVADA, UNITED STATES – A road sign for the Clown Motel, a unique lodge in Nevada, greets travelers along Highway 95.

Welcome To America’s Scariest Motel: The Clown Motel

Are you traveling between Las Vegas and Reno? Are you a lover of Halloween and all things scary? Maybe you’re a horror/suspense thrill seeker? Perhaps you’ve even checked a few ghost towns along our routes off your bucket list? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to make a stop along our route in Tonopah, NV and book a night’s stay at America’s scariest motel, The Clown Motel.

From cable TV to free Wi-Fi and a mini-breakfast, the Clown Motel actually has everything you need in a place to stay. However, the question is, are you brave enough to spend the night in one of these clown-themed rooms? So, do you have the guts to spend the night in America’s scariest motel? There’s only one way to find out…