Top 5 Restaurants in Provo, Utah That You Must Try

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When you think of Provo or Orem, Utah, the first couple of things that probably come to mind are Brigham Young University or Utah Valley University. Both are well known for their sports programs and home to thousands of students. The last thing that would probably come to mind are great places to eat at. College towns are often full of fast food and traditional chain restaurants, not great “hole-in-the-wall” places. Despite the college town atmosphere, there are some unique  and delicious places to eat.

Below is a list of five of the best restaurants in Provo. Some of them are new and not as well known while others are more familiar.  Each one offers a variety of different dishes so be adventurous and enjoy.


Black Sheep Cafe

First is the Black Sheep Cafe. This restaurant prides themselves upon the standard of providing new food with wonderful service. Menu items are focused around southwestern and Native American food. The majority of food is made right there on the spot, and is fresh.

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India Palace

Next is India Palace. This restaurant offers a rare dininggreat-restaurants-provo-utah experience serving tasty Indian dishes in an fancy setting.  Each and every item is prepared as customers order, and are set at reasonable prices. India Palace has been awarded the Serving Award Winner since 2007, and is situated in the heart of Historic Downtown Provo.

Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Third is Tucanos Brazilian Grill. They offer a fresh meats and vegetables that are grilled and brought directly to customers tables. The meat servers continuously bring different meat and vegetable selections to the table. Tucanos is also famous for their salads and hot selections. There are also freshly made soups and much more.

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Communal Restaurant

Another great restaurant is Communal. Communal is a new American restaurant focused on fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. Communal makes this possible by partnering with the local farmers. Families are welcomed with open arms, and can expect to feel happy eating a good meal.

Brick Oven Restaurant

Lastly is the Brick Oven Restaurant. This restaurant is pretty simple, but extremely tasty. They are a pizza chain that serves all-you-can-eat pasta, soup and salad, and signature root beer.


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