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Trading Mountain Vistas For The Bright Lights Of Las Vegas

If you’re getting tired of the snow and colder weather of Salt Lake and just need a change of scenery, you couldn’t pick a better place than Las Vegas. We all know how obviously different these two cities are, but did you consider how great it is that they’re so close to one another? Break up the monotony by enjoying some sun and pool time in sin city.

What to do in Las Vegas

When To Visit And What To Do

When to visit Las Vegas is and oft debated topic, but it comes down to personal preference. Do you like the sun and the heat? Do you hate crowds? What kind of activities do you like? You get the idea. Whatever your preference is, we’ve written a number of articles in the past about some of our favorite things to do in Vegas and where and when to do them. So, if you haven’t booked yet and need that extra push, we’ve got 7 reasons for you to book a trip to Vegas right now. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for 5 fun ideas of things to do once you get to Vegas. Either way, we’ve got your back.

Charter A Bus To Las Vegas

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Las Vegas from an airplane
Aerial view of Las Vegas. Get dropped off right at the airport with Salt Lake Express' shuttle stop.