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Leaving Las Vegas

On your way out of fabulous Las Vegas and headed for the quieter streets of sunny St. George? Well, consider us your introductory tour guide to the city of red rocks and perfect golf courses. There’s so much to do in St. George and with the added growth over the past decade, the city has boatloads to offer in shopping, dining, entertainment, and of course, resorts and hotels.

Whether you’re just visiting for a weekend getaway, the holidays, or to hit some of their famous golf courses, here’s a list of things you need to know before your trip.

Welcome To Sunny St. George

St. George can be considered your gateway to all the gems that southern Utah has to offer; be it one of the many national parks, history-filled museums, or recreational activities. St. George truly has it all. Plus, it’s absolutely perfect to visit in the spring or the fall if you don’t like things too warm and sunny.

Salt Lake Express Shuttle driving past the Sugarloaf (Dixie Rock)
St. George is your connection to Las Vegas, several national parks and all the wonderful activities of the area.

St. George Charter Bus Adventures

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Overlooking St. George from the red mountains on the edge of town.
Our shuttle arrives and leaves St. George several times throughout the day.