Your Friendly Neighborhood Shuttle Service In St. George

We are your premier St George shuttle service.

Every St. George resident knows two indisputable facts about their hometown. One, it is the perfect place to live. Utah’s low cost of living plus sunshine, warm weather, and palm trees? Yes, please. Two, it is close to a ton of other awesome places. That’s why we are proud to be your friendly neighborhood St George shuttle service.

St George Express has been serving southern Utah for the past 8 years. And as part of the Salt Lake Express family, we have been able to expand to more areas both in and outside the state. This includes metropoles like Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Boise. Want to traverse the width of the country? We stop at locations from Montana to Arizona.

We’ll say it…we’re kind of a big deal.

However, our growth and expansion does not mean we forget where home truly is. We love the sights, sounds, and people of St. George. And we will always be your premier St George shuttle service.

Here are some perks for you, our valued St. George Express customer.

St George to Las Vegas is only $19.

Yep, you read that right. $19 one-way to go visit fabulous Las Vegas. Also accounting for the return trip and a roll of quarters to try lady luck, you’re looking at a day trip of under $50!

Don’t stress over traffic.

Real talk. We all love a good road trip in the car, but the moment you hit that city traffic you start having second thoughts. Let our experienced shuttle drivers navigate through that nasty congestion. You just keep on enjoying the ride in relaxation.

All the amenities, and more, of your own car.

Most of our shuttles have charging outlets, storage space, AND high-back recliners. Plus, our seats have ample room for passengers of all builds and sizes. (Because we love you all equally.) Don’t battle other carpoolers or luggage over legroom. You won’t need to with us.

Skip the gas stations.

Filling up our shuttles is no small price, but it is worth it to get you safely to your destination! Better yet, skip on pitching in or paying full at the pump completely. You pay for your ticket, period. The rest is on us.

We have routes to all the great southern Utah destinations.

You don’t need to travel across the country or over state lines to find the beauty or entertainment you’re looking for. Beautiful Zion National Park is just a little more than an hour’s bus ride away. Stop off in Cedar City to see the Dixie National Forest and other attractions.

Don’t pay to park

Whether it’s for days at a time at the airport, or for the afternoon, it’s hard to find good parking that’s free. We say, why bother? All you need to do is make sure you’re at your pickup location 10-15 minutes beforehand so we don’t miss you. Don’t worry about the dollars racking up or the safety of your car. That’s why we’re here.

Suffice it to say, we think you’re pretty great. And we and our awesome shuttle drivers are proud and pleased to take you to where you need to go. So if it’s a weekend in Vegas, a hike at Zion’s, or a flight out of Salt Lake, or more, count on us. Your friendly neighborhood St George shuttle service.

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