Things To Do Outside in Las Vegas

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Everybody knows about Las Vegas’ nightlife. Everybody visits Las Vegas at least once in their life, and they always stroll down the strip at night. While it can be exciting the first time, it can also get old quickly. Locals (and tourists during the daytime) are constantly looking for things to do outside. For those people, we present a list of the top five things to do outside in Las Vegas.

Valley of Fire

About an hour to the Northeast of Las Vegas lies the Valley of Fire. Luckily, it isn’t a valley of literal fire. Instead, the valley got its name from the red rock that covers the ground. Short, easy hikes through the valley of fire are perfect for spending quality time as a family.

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Kayaking is great to do outside in LAs Vegas

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam, built nearly 90 years ago, is a world-famous structure. Because of the history, just seeing it would be a privilege. However, if you want a better experience, you can pay $30 and see the guts of the dam. After riding an elevator that takes you down 530 feet, you’ll be able to see the power plant, giant pipes transporting water, and more.

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Lake Mead

Created by the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead is a perfect vacation spot that has plenty of outdoor life. While you can boat, fish, swim, or any number of activities, we recommend canoeing or kayaking. There’s no better lake to kayak on than Lake Mead, and you can get relatively close to the Hoover Dam while doing it. Another option to consider is approaching it from the bottom looking up by canoeing / kayaking on the Colorado River. Lake Mead is perhaps the most popular thing to do outside in Las Vegas.

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kayaking outside in las vegas

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is another world-famous spot in Las Vegas, but this time it’s for what nature created. Huge red rock walls shoot into the sky, making it the perfect spot for climbers. From your beginning climber to the most experienced, there are routes for everybody. If you’re unfamiliar with the routes or with climbing in general, experienced climbing guides can help you out.

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Lee Canyon (ski resort)

Stuck in Las Vegas in the winter? Not a problem! While Las Vegas is known for being hot, there’s mountains for the skiers and snowboarders too. Less than an hour away from Las Vegas, locals flock to this resort during the winter. With a base camp higher than 11,000 feet, the resort receives plenty of snow throughout the winter to keep you busy.

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skiing is a great thing to do outside in las vegas

There’s plenty to do outside in Las Vegas. Because the casual tourist only knows about the strip, they might tell you that Las Vegas gets old after a couple of days. However, you know differently. There’s plenty of outdoor life in southern Nevada.

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