Las Vegas Airport Shuttle: How to Save $

Save money and travel with ease on your next trip in or out of the Las Vegas Airport. We are here to help you better understand your options when it comes to getting to and leaving the airport in Las Vegas. The days of paying for airport parking are over thanks to Salt Lake Express. Read below to learn more about what we can offer to ensure you not only make it to the airport but enjoy the trip at the same time!

Las Vegas Airport Shuttle vs. Parking

No one likes to pay for parking at the airport. The closer you are to the airport, the more it costs. So then you decide to park somewhere further away that is cheaper but you still have to take a shuttle from the lot to the terminal. Eliminate the pain of parking when you travel with Salt Lake Express. We can drop you off right at the terminal. Whether you are coming down from St. George, Reno, or even Salt Lake City, we can help get you to the airport today! The same goes for if you are flying into Las Vegas. Our shuttle service can take you all the way up to Yellowstone or Great Falls, Montana, or over to Boise, Idaho or Park City, Utah.

Leave the Car at Home

We want to make sure your trip is the best it can be. One way to do that is to not worry about your car. Forget about adding the wear and tear on your vehicle, Salt Lake Express is here to help ensure that both you and your car are taken care of. We travel thousands of miles daily to make it easier for our valued customers to get where they need to go. Ride with us and you’ll enjoy high-back reclining seats, charging outlets, and more on our shuttles.

Las Vegas from an airplane
Aerial view of Las Vegas. Get dropped off right at the airport with Salt Lake Express’ shuttle stop.

Find Low Fares!

If you’re lucky, you can travel between Las Vegas and St. George for as low as $19 one way! We only offer a limited amount of these fares each day so if you find one be sure to take advantage of it! Instead of taking the long drive to SLC to fly, travel right out of Las Vegas. We’ll be the only airport shuttle you need that gets you to the airport and saves you money. The best part is that you get to relax while we do the driving. Book your trip today!

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