The Huntsman World Senior Games

The Huntsman World Senior Games begin Oct. 9.
You’ve all heard the stereotype. A person retires and then spends the rest of their days watching TV and their body fall into disrepair. For 30 years, The Huntsman World Senior Games has worked to eliminate both the stereotype and that sedentary lifestyle.

The Huntsman World Senior Games

 The games began in 1987 as the World Senior Games. It was the brainchild of Daisy and John H. Morgan Jr., who wanted to create an international sporting event for seniors 55 and older. It was their belief that people in this age group could better enjoy their lives by adopting an active lifestyle. And what better way to celebrate this lifestyle than to hold an annual event for seniors all over the world?
In its second year, the age limit was moved down to 50. And in 1989, Jon M. Huntsman became the game’s principal sponsor. The event has continued to bring seniors of all different races, ages, and capabilities together from all over the world.
There are a large variety of sports that will feature at the Huntsman World Senior Games. You’ll see traditional sports competitions, such as basketball, cycling, soccer, track and field, and a triathlon. You’ll also see seniors competing in table tennis, square dancing, lawn bowls, and cowboy action.
From October 9 through the 21st, these sports and games will attract thousands of participants and volunteers to the St. George area. Even for those who are not participating in the games, the area is replete with entertainment, fun, and all types of diversion. Information on accommodations and activities apart from the games are available on the Huntsman Games website.

Don’t forget the fun

Overall, the Huntsman Games aren’t about declaring gold medalists and ranking nation over nation. The Games inspire an active lifestyle among seniors, 67% of whom report being sedentary for more than 8.5 hours daily.Often, they reinvigorate seniors to a level of activity that surpasses anything they did in younger years.
And of course, in keeping with the vision of founder John Morgan, “don’t forget the fun!” The Huntsman World Senior Games never disappoint as a wholly entertaining and fun collaboration of seniors from many different countries and backgrounds.
With the Games fast approaching, we want to ensure that you have a way to get to all the action. Book your lodging as soon as you can. St. George is a very accommodating destination, but these Games attract large numbers. And be sure to catch a ride into town with St. George Express. As a longtime supporter and sponsor of the Games, St. George Express is your best bet when coming into town.
We’ll see you at the Games!

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