Grand Teton National Park: Things to Do


Grand Teton National Park is one of the most underrated parks in the United States. Because of the 300 thousand square miles and the iconic peaks of the Grand Tetons, this national park brings in about 3 million people per year (ranking eighth between all national parks). Yearly, all four seasons make an appearance. Here, we’ll highlight the top three things to do in the Grand Teton National Park.


The Grand Teton National Park features hikes for everybody. For the most experienced hikers, the Grand Teton beckons. For the beginners and the family day hikers, hikes around Taggart Lake and through Death Canyon are perfect. Whether you’re in a group looking to hike an iconic mountain, or just strolling through the national park, the Grand Tetons have what you need.

Mormon Row at the Grand Teton National Park


With a landscape littered by lakes, fishing is huge in the Grand Teton National Park. Cutthroat Trout are the most popular fish, but try your luck and you might get something else. Go for it yourself or go with an experienced group of guides – it’s up to you. Learn more about those commercial fishing trips here. A Wyoming fishing license is required.


Boating and floating the many lakes could be the most popular activity in the national park. Although you can float any lake, motorboats, sailboats, water skiing and windsurfing is only available on select lakes. See a list of those lakes here. But it’s not just the lakes that are popular – people also love the Snake River. The Snake River also features fishing, wildlife viewing, and some rapids depending on the time of year.


Although it might seem like you can hike, fish, or go boating anywhere, the hiking, fishing, and boating here is unparalleled. The views of the Grand Tetons coupled with the wildlife make for a truly unique experience. The Grand Tetons are perfect for any vacation!

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