Salt Lake Express will transport packages for $20 per item. A package is defined as any sized item whether it be a box, keys, suitcase or envelope.

To pass the Department of Transportation regulations, Salt Lake Express requires the following information for each package reservation.

  1. Ship from Name and contact information
  2. Ship to Name and contact information
  3. Number of Packages
  4. Weight (estimated is fine)
  5. Destination
  6. Commodity

Package pick up locations and destinations are limited. Packages must travel on a direct route; packages cannot transfer drivers.

Insurance is not available on packages. Salt Lake Express does not compensate and will not be held liable for damaged, delayed, lost, stolen, missed, or left packages.

Drivers are unable to wait for packages being dropped off or picked up. Customers are expected to be at the pick up and drop off location 15 minutes before arrivals and departures. Customer are required to approach the driver. Packages will not be left at any location for a later pick up. Packages that are not picked up will be taken to the drivers’ home office (Rexburg, Salt Lake City, Logan or St. George). Arrangements must be made for the item to be picked up within 48 hours, after which the item will be placed in the lost and found for 30 days and then donated.

Packages must be clearly marked with the name and phone number of the person who is picking it up, the date and destination.

Packages cannot exceed 50 pounds and cannot be larger than 30 inches on any given side. Heavier and larger items may be sent under the discretion of management approval and are subject to a greater fee.

Salt Lake Express will not transport items that are illegal, explicit, or motorized. Salt Lake Express reserves the right to open and inspect packages when deemed necessary.

Reservations are required for packages being sent on any of our routes.