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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still cannot find what you’re looking for, feel free to call us for more information: (800)-356-9796.

If my plane is late, and I miss my shuttle, do I lose my ticket?

No. If you miss the shuttle due to flight connections, call the office immediately and let them know. They will schedule you on the next available shuttle with no additional charge.

Due to airport security and regulations, as well as the other traveling passengers, we cannot wait longer than 5 minutes past our scheduled departure times. As soon as your flight lands, call the office or go straight to the shuttle to let the driver know you are there. If we know you are at the airport, the driver will wait up to 5 minutes. If you are not ready to go at that time, call the office, and they will schedule you on the next available shuttle.

What happens if my plans change and I can’t go on the shuttle I was scheduled to ride?

As long as you call the office at least one day before your scheduled departure, you can reschedule to another date and/or time. If you don’t know when you will be able to travel, we will mark the reservation as a credit in your file. These reservations will be valid for 6 months from the original date of purchase. If the reservation is rescheduled a second time, there will be a processing fee.

Do you cancel a schedule if you don’t have enough passengers?

No. We do not cancel schedules once there is a reservation. However, we reserve the right to cancel a schedule 48 hours ahead if there are no reservations on that particular shuttle.

How much luggage am I allowed to take?

We allow the same as the airlines: two suitcases and a carry on. If you will have more luggage, odd or extra large size luggage (including skies/snowboards), please contact the office for special handling. (Additional fees may be charged.)

I see that infants are free. What is the cutoff age?

Infants 24 months and younger are free. Children 25 months through 12 years are eligible for the child rate with a paid adult fare.

I would like to send my minor child on the shuttle alone. Do you allow that?

Yes. Please indicate in the notes the age of the minor child. We also need valid contact information in case nobody shows up at the destination to meet the minor child.

I have an infant that needs a car seat. Do you provide any or am I required to bring my own?

Due to insurance requirements, we no longer are able to provide any type of car or booster seats. You must provide your own.

What are the office hours?

Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are closed only on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Can I pay the driver or do I have to prepay?

Seats are not guaranteed until full payment has been made, however, if there is an empty seat at the departure time, you may pay the driver full fare for that seat.

Do I need a ticket? There is not time for you to mail me one.

No, we use electronic ticketing. The driver will have a manifest with the name of all passengers. Check with the driver – if there is a problem, the driver will contact the office. It is helpful to print out the confirmation that will be emailed to you after you make your reservation and bring that with you for boarding.

What is the policy on children?

Customers may choose to allow a minor (under age 18) to travel with Salt Lake Express unsupervised. However, the following is required in the reservation before it’s processed: 1. Names & phone numbers of the person dropping them off and picking them up; 2. Cell number of minor, if applicable.

What is the policy on pets?

Animals must be in a hard carrier and remain in the carrier at all times while on the shuttle. Carriers are stowed with luggage (Back of van, in trailer, or cargo area on the bus). There is an additional $10.00 fee. Service dogs can stay with passengers.


Below is a list of all of our policies. If you still cannot find the information you’re looking for, feel free to call us for more information: (800)-356-9796.

Child Policy

Customers may choose to allow a minor child, under the age of 18, to travel with the Salt Lake Express unsupervised. All children traveling without an adult will be charged full adult fare. Salt Lake Express will require the following from the parent/guardian; This information must be included on their reservation before it is processed:

  • The names and phone numbers of the person dropping the minor off and also the person picking them up.
  • Cell phone number of minor, if applicable.  Cell phones are strongly recommended for children traveling alone, specifically if the child changes buses or has a layover in a connecting city.

In addition, children traveling on the shuttle should carry identification showing their name, address, home phone number, name and phone number of the person dropping them off and the name and phone number of the person who will be picking them up.

Parents and guardians should review the details of the trip with their child prior to travel, including the bus route they will be riding and the locations where they will be getting on/off the bus.  It is also suggested that this information is given to them in writing as there are a number of routes and connection points which may confuse a small child in the excitement of traveling.

Persons picking up a child should coordinate a specific location at the destination point where they will meet the child. Children under 13 years old are never to be left unattended even if the person picking them up is in route.

Our drivers are not responsible for underage children. The minor is responsible for getting on and off the shuttle at the right time and place.  Our drivers are happy to guide or assist if asked but cannot supervise minors during the entirety of the trip. We want to be sure customers are aware of this.

Pet Policy

  • Animals must be in a hard carrier and remain in the carrier at all times while on the shuttle. Carriers are stowed with luggage (Back of van, in trailer, or cargo area on the bus).
  • There is an additional $10.00 fee.
  • Service dogs can stay with passengers.

Wheelchair Access

Salt Lake Express will provide wheelchair accessible vehicles on any of their scheduled routes. The rates for an accessible vehicle are the same as for a regular vehicle; there is no extra charge for an accessible vehicle. In order to secure an accessible vehicle for a trip, customers must complete the following procedures:

*Complete a reservation for desired schedules either online or with a representative over the phone.

*48 hours prior to scheduled travel, an ACCESSIBLE VEHICLE REQUEST FORM must be sent in to Salt Lake Express. This may be completed with a representative over the phone or by emailing the completed form to reservations@saltlakeexpress.com.

Click here to download the Accessible Vehicle Request Form

*Salt Lake Express will send an emailed receipt within 24 hours of receiving the ACCESSIBLE VEHICLE REQUEST FORM in order to confirm that an accessible vehicle will be provided for the requested route.

*Only one form must be filled out for round trips.

*A new ACCESSIBLE VEHICLE REQUEST FORM must be filled out for any changes to the date, time or locations of the original reservation.

Click here to download the Accessible Vehicle Request Form

Salt Lake Express will transport packages for $20 per item. A package is defined as any sized item whether it be a box, keys, suitcase or envelope.

To pass the Department of Transportation regulations, Salt Lake Express requires the following information for each package reservation.

  1. Ship from Name and contact information
  2. Ship to Name and contact information
  3. Number of Packages
  4. Weight (estimated is fine)
  5. Destination
  6. Commodity

Package pick up locations and destinations are limited. Packages must travel on a direct route; packages cannot transfer drivers.

Insurance is not available on packages. Salt Lake Express does not compensate and will not be held liable for damaged, delayed, lost, stolen, missed, or left packages.

Drivers are unable to wait for packages being dropped off or picked up. Customers are expected to be at the pick up and drop off location 15 minutes before arrivals and departures. Customer are required to approach the driver. Packages will not be left at any location for a later pick up. Packages that are not picked up will be taken to the drivers’ home office (Rexburg, Salt Lake City, Logan or St. George). Arrangements must be made for the item to be picked up within 48 hours, after which the item will be placed in the lost and found for 30 days and then donated.

Packages must be clearly marked with the name and phone number of the person who is picking it up, the date and destination.

Packages cannot exceed 50 pounds and cannot be larger than 30 inches on any given side. Heavier and larger items may be sent under the discretion of management approval and are subject to a greater fee.

Salt Lake Express will not transport items that are illegal, explicit, or motorized. Salt Lake Express reserves the right to open and inspect packages when deemed necessary.

Reservations are required for packages being sent on any of our routes.